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About Tutusally

Tutusally is a Chinese artist living in metropolitan Los Angeles. She is a graphic designer, photographer, and art teacher who recently began to focus on her unique approach to art. In Tutusally's work, she expresses nature's simplicity and harmony with elements of natural creatures. Sally's Garden Series was started in 2012 to express the theme of a virtual garden setting, revealing a willful purity, simplicity, and happiness with the warmth of sunshine and persistent hope. In a whimsical language of serenity and happiness, she depicts a world where animals and plants harmoniously coexist with people. In her digital artwork, she retains feelings of wonder, peace, harmony, and passion that come from Sally's Gardens. These works combine her photography with fine art. Tutusally has said her artwork is about capturing what moves and warms her and evokes feelings of love. All this is captured in her unique artistic expressions. 

Tutusally graduated from the China Academy of Art with a BFA in Visual Communication and took refresher courses in the graduate program at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and California State University at Los Angeles. She worked as a graphic designer and lecturer for several years. Tutusally also was invited as a guest lecturer to conduct digital color management classes for colleges and corporations.

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